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Yes, doors can be stored upright as long as they are properly supported to prevent any damage or warping.

Can you store doors upright

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Yes, doors can be stored upright as long as they are properly supported to prevent any damage or warping. Storing doors upright is a common practice and can help save space in warehouses or storage facilities. However, it is important to follow some guidelines to ensure the doors remain in good condition.

Firstly, it is crucial to provide adequate support to the doors. This can be done by utilizing door racks or stacking them against a stable surface such as a wall. Placing a soft material, such as foam or padding, between the doors and the supporting surface can help prevent any scratches or dings. Additionally, it is advisable to securely tie or strap the doors together to prevent them from shifting or falling.

A famous quote from Arthur Ashe, an American professional tennis player, can be applied to the importance of proper support: “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” In the context of door storage, it emphasizes the significance of utilizing the available resources to ensure the doors are well-supported and protected.

Moreover, here are some interesting facts about storing doors upright:

  1. Space-saving solution: Storing doors upright can help optimize space in warehouses or storage areas, allowing for better organization and utilization of the available area.
  2. Easy accessibility: Storing doors upright facilitates easy access and retrieval when needed, as opposed to horizontally stacked doors that may require additional effort to reach a specific door.
  3. Improved ventilation: By storing doors upright, air circulation between the doors is enhanced, reducing the chances of moisture buildup and potential damage caused by humidity.
  4. Time-efficient handling: Upright storage enables quick identification and selection of the desired door, minimizing time spent searching for specific items.
  5. Versatile storage method: Not only can doors be safely stored upright, but also other large flat items like plywood sheets or drywall. This versatility makes the storage solution practical for various industries.
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To illustrate some additional points about the benefits of storing doors upright, the following table can be provided:

Benefits of Storing Doors Upright
Optimize warehouse space
Easy access and retrieval of doors
Enhanced air circulation and ventilation
Quick identification of specific doors
Versatile storage for other large flat items

In conclusion, storing doors upright is a viable and space-saving method, provided that proper support is given to prevent damage or warping. By following the guidelines mentioned above and considering the interesting facts associated with this storage method, doors can be efficiently stored and easily accessed when needed. Remember the words of Arthur Ashe and start where you are, using what you have, to ensure your doors are stored upright in the best possible way.

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In this section of the video, the creator focuses on attaching the face frame to the cabinet using wood glue. They recommend using Titebond Quick and Thick glue for its ease of use and quick drying time. They then proceed to demonstrate the process of making a frame and panel door, using figure maple for the frame and pre-finished plywood for the panels. The steps involved in creating the door, including cutting grooves and tongues, are explained. After the door is completed, they sand and finish the frame with an oil wax finish. Euro-style cup hinges and magnetic catches are installed on the door, and hooks are added inside the cabinet for organization.

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Once you have your ideal area for storing doors, make sure you keep them stored horizontally, and on a flat surface. Having several doors laying on top of each other is also beneficial because their weight will hold their shape and prevent warping. Avoid storing doors vertically.

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Should doors be stored upright or flat?
Response will be: Store doors flat but off the ground
Doors are heavy and designed to distribute their weight evenly when hung from their hinges. If you leave them leaning or upright against a wall for a prolonged period (more than a day) they will start to bend.
Can you store a door on its side?
Response will be: All doors, regardless of type, should be stored with even pressure across the surface. Avoid leaning them at an angle or storing them on unsteady ground.
How should doors be stored on site?
Response will be: Store doorsets in a dry, well ventilated building to store doors or doorsets. Keep doors away from areas where there could be a risk of excessive moisture build-up. If doors or doorsets have to be stored outside as there is no alternative, make sure they are adequately covered by waterproof heavy sheeting.
Do doors need to acclimate?
Doors are best left to acclimatise in the room of fitting for 2-3 days prior to hanging. Ideally store in a cool dry atmosphere. Do not store in a newly plastered room or suddenly expose to central heating or other forms of direct heat.
Should you store doors upright against a wall?
Answer will be: It may be tempting to store doors upright against a wall in order to save space. This should always be avoided where possible though. It is far better to lay the door flat on the ground. It is important to distribute the weight of the new door over the biggest surface area possible.
Where should I store my internal doors?
Response: A shady room, ideally a dry garage, is perfect for storing your internal doors. If your internal doors already have hardware and accessories installed, it’ll be worth removing them and storing them separately. This will allow your new doors to lay flush on a surface and prevent them from warping.
Do you have to keep doors on their side?
Answer to this: If you absolutely have to keep them on their side, make sure they rest horizontally on a long edge – these sides are designed to hold the weight of the door on its hinges when it’s installed, so they are in better shape to support them on the floor too. It is also best to keep them in a dry, dust and dirt-free environment.
How do I protect my new doors?
If you’re storing your new doors, there are a couple of things you must do to protect them. Keep them in direct sunlight – this could start to bleach the colour out of them as well as expose them to extreme temperatures Store them in a room that has fresh plaster, concrete or render in it.

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